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Aqua Zinc | Testing & Maintaining Zinc Levels | Omnivits

Aqua Zinc

Clinical Applications

• Supports Healthy skin and nails*
• Supports Healthy metabolism & reproduction*
• Supports Immune and nervous systems*
• Supports Healthy blood sugar levels*


Omnivits Zinc is one of the most important trace minerals in the body. It is involved with the functioning of over 200 enzymes  and biochemical processes which affect numerous organs, glands, and tissue systems.  The beneficial effects of zinc are extensive. Healthy skin and nails can be maintained with proper zinc levels. Zinc is  essential for growth and physical development, and for the metabolism of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. Most aspects of reproduction in both males and females require zinc. this mineral is also vitally important to the immune system.  Practically every enzyme reaction in the brain involves zinc, as does the development and function of the central nervous system. The highest concentration of zinc are in the ears and eyes. Thus, this mineral can be beneficial in maintaining proper hearing and visual acute. Zinc is also involved in supporting healthy blood sugar level


Take Two (2) teaspoons (10 mL) one (1) to two (2) times each day as a dietary supplement or as otherwise directed by a healthcare professional. 

Does Not Contain

Wheat, gluten, corn, yeast, soy, animal or dairy products, fish, shellfish, peanuts, tree nuts, egg, ingredients derived from genetically modified organisms (GMOs), artificial colors, artificial sweeteners, or artificial preservatives.


Consult your healthcare practitioner before use, especially if you have or suspect you have a medical condition, if you take prescription drugs or are allergic to any ingredient; or if you are pregnant or lactating. Keep out of reach of children.

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